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Our Belief

Being a trucker is about way more than getting goods from point A to point B. Being a trucker means being  fiercely independent, full-of-grit, and having a drive to see the world.

Nowdays, big corporate conglomerates are trying to turn drivers into mindless drones that get left on the road for weeks on end, never even knowing when they’ll see home again, but here at Basin Western we still remember that it was the truckers who built this country.

We’re building our company to be the most driver-centric trucking company in the West.


Our Approach

We’ve gone back to everything it really means to be a trucker and have built our business around that. Truck drivers are the heart, soul, and life-blood of any trucking company. We’ve built everything to make your job as enjoyable as possible without squashing your freedom and independence as a real truck-driver.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to create the most driver-centric trucking company, and to remind the industry what it really means to be a trucker.


Why Drive with Us

Here are just a few of the many reasons our drivers love working for us.

Modern Equipment

Modern equipment means safer drivers and more comfortable drives. We’re always working hard to update our trucks, keep our sleepers comfortable, and make your drives more comfortable and enjoyable.

High Home Time

We structure our routes so that you can be home as much as possible and have a life outside of work on the road. We all have to spend a night in the sleeper sometimes, but we work hard to let you sleep in your own bed whenever possible.

Consistent Schedule

Know exactly when you’ll be home and when you’ll be working weeks. Make plans with confidence knowing that you’re schedule will be consistent even weeks in advance.

Paid Time Off

Life is full of unexpected difficulties. We can’t take away the surprises or the hard times, but we make sure you don’t have to stress about your paycheck when life happens. All Basin Western Drivers qualify for our competitive paid time off policy.


We provide all of our drivers with Dental, Medical, Vision, and Life Insurance. Just another way for us to keep today worry free by protecting your tomorrow.

Comfortable Accommodations

When you do have to sleep on the road, we want you to be comfortable. Every over the road sleeper is outfitted with a Coffee Pot, Mini Fridge, and Microwave. Every cab is equipped with XM Radio.



Autonomy and Schedule Control

We’ve crafted several different schedule models that our drivers love. You get to choose the one that fits best with you and your family or individuals circumstances.

401(k) and Retirement Plans

Part of being happy today is knowing that your needs will be met tomorrow. Don’t ever stress about your retirement knowing that we have your back with 401(k) matching and retirement plans.

Transparency In


Company Drivers

Drive our comfortable and modern trucks, without worrying about maintaining your own vehicle.

Lease Operators

Enjoy maximum freedom and independence without the stress of running your own trucking company.


Get Home Safe

Every trucker wants to come home safe. We make every arrangement to keep drivers safe and get them home safe at the end of their route.

Modern Equipment

There’s nothing worse than driving a run-down, beat-up piece of machinery, especially when you have to sleep in it.


More Uptime, Less Breakdowns

We’ve invested in nice and modern equipment to make sure you spend your driving hours on the road and not broken down.


Comfortable Sleepers

We’ve made sure all of our sleepers are comfortable so that when you do have to sleep in the truck, you the amenities to feel like home.

Choose Your Schedule

In order to keep our drivers happy, we’ve worked hard to give you as much autonomy and selection in your schedule as possible. When you sign on you’ll have your choice of several available schedule models such as our driver favorite, 3-consecutive-days-off rotating schedule.


Part of being the most driver-centric trucking company is having compensation plans that appeal to each individual driver’s needs, goals, and ambitions. We have compensation plans that fit your personal preference including by-the-mile, by-the-load, and fixed weekly pay.

Drive for a Business that Cares

We love our drivers and do everything we can to keep them happy, safe, and comfortable. We’ve designed everything from the ground up to ensure that we are the most driver-centric trucking company on this side of the Mississippi. With our accommodating compensation and schedule models, we gaurantee you won’t find anywhere that’s workign harder to ensure this is the best trucking job around.

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