Basin Western Inc. is dedicated to professionalism throughout the organization. All employees are trained and educated with one simple goal in mind: Provide the most professional, safe and cost-effective transportation possible.

Our terminal managers, dispatchers and administrative personnel will always respond immediately to your requests in a professional manner, utilizing the latest technology.

Real-time engagement with our drivers via our own software solutions, TankerPro and TankerPro Mobile, allows all communications to be immediate, no more phone tag, each driver is enabled with a tablet for clear and concise order details as well as efficient gathering of field data and images. Our centralized information systems keep everyone in the organization on the same page at the same time.

Technology Driven

TankerPro is an advanced integrated transportation business and logistics system, utilizing the latest in hardware and software for the back office enabling quick and efficient billing of all services. TankerPro Mobile is our in cab software that runs on any tablet or phone,  allowing instant and accurate communications as well as facilitating the accurate gathering of field data and images. Both of these applications have been designed from the ground up for our very specialized business of hazardous materials transportation, our specialized software enables all of our employees to make informed business decisions, based on real data in real time.

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PO Box 877
East Highway 40 Roosevelt, UT, 84066
Phone: (888) 722-5351
Fax: (435) 722-2311

Basin Western Inc. has terminals in Utah, Colorado, North Dakota and Texas to serve your transportation needs. For immediate assistance, please call or click on any name to send an e-mail to any of the following employees:

Administration Office – Roosevelt, Utah
(888) 722-5351
Lloyd Dean – President
Jason Dean – Vice President Safety and Training
Theda Scholes – Office Manager

All Dispatchers Email

North Salt Lake City Utah Terminal
(800) 821-9339
Blair Workman – Terminal Manager
North Salt Lake City Dispatch Email

Roosevelt Utah Terminal
(800) 435-5604
Steve Hatton – Terminal Manager
Cindy Scott – Dispatcher
Roosevelt Dispatch Email

Grand Junction Colorado Terminal 
(800) 545-7184
Erick Brown – Terminal Manager
Stan Alvey – Dispatcher
Grand Junction Dispatch Email

Denver Colorado Terminal
(970) 985-6152
Erick Brown – Terminal Manager
Denver Dispatch Email

Midland Texas Terminal
(432) 218-8617
Eddie Furrh – Terminal Manager
Texas Dispatch Email

IT Department
(385) 377-4434
Rick Cardon – Director of IT Operations
IT Operations


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